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American Sign Language Classes

Find descriptions for all of the ASL classes offered. Click on a class title to find out what each class includes.

Interested in taking a class? Check out the locations tab to see if a class is currently scheduled in your preferred location. 


Don't see something that fits your needs?  Please ask!  It may be possible to add a class - or consider hosing one of your own!

Signing Smart Classes

Classes for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers


Demo Class

See what Signing Smart is all about as you learn some useful signs and experience some of the favorite songs and activities from across our class offerings. One 45-minute session for child with caregiver. (Ages 0-5)

Offered as a zoo or farm theme, this class is a perfect way to start signing or keep up with what you've already learned in a way multiple-aged siblings can enjoy. Two 45-minute sessions for child with caregiver. (Ages 0-5)

More than simply teaching "routine" signs, this series is full of both useful signs and ones that are most motivating to your child. You will learn how to get started, how many and which signs to use throughout your signing journey, interaction strategies, how to bring signs into your child's world, how to recognize and respond to your child's early signs, and other ways of making signing simple, fun, and successful. Six 45-minute sessions for child with caregiver. (Ages 0-2ish) *Take-home materials required.

This 6- or 8-week series of classes was designed for families looking to continue signing and playing with Signing Smart! You will be introduced to ASL signs, Signing Smart strategies, and developmental information related to facilitating extended conversations, furthering spoken language development, and enhancing long-term learning. Songs, games, and activities build upon the experiences and vocabulary gained in the Beginner Play Class series.
Prerequisite(s): Signing Smart Beginner Play Class or experience signing. (Ages 2ish - 5) *Take-home materials required.

These classes include engaging activities and songs that incorporate ASL signs that are related to holiday and winter themes. The classes do more than teach families the signs for the holidays themselves - they give you a way to communicate with your child about all the wondrous aspects of the season. In the classes you will learn how to use Signing Smart to lighten the pressures of the holidays, as well as how to understand and experience this magical and confusing time of year from your child's perspective. One 45-minute session (Fall, Winter, or specific holiday theme) or Four 45-minute sessions (Holiday Series) for child with caregiver. (Ages 0-5) *Take-home materials required.

Classes for Parents and Caregivers Only

Professioal Developmnt

Intended for those new to signing with their child as well as for those who have already started and are looking for support during the early phases, this workshop helps all caregivers create a plan for successfully signing with their little one(s). Learn how many and which signs to use in the early stages as well as how to increase sign vocabulary as time goes on, how to create interactions in which children most easily learn signs, how to bring signs into a child's world, and how to recognize a child's first signs.
3 hours for adult family and caregivers of children ages 0-2. Ohio Approved credit available. *Take-home materials required.

Designed especially for families and caregivers of children who are talking but not yet in Kindergarten, this workshop offers simple, sophisticated strategies and techniques you won't find anywhere else. Learn how to use signs to not only enhance the spoken language your child already has, but to also promote cognitive and emotional development, and foster long-term learning. It's never too late to start (or re-start) signing with your child! Research shows that children who sign (even if they weren't exposed to American Sign Language until pre-school) show advancements in elementary school - especially in the areas of reading, spelling, and vocabulary.
3 hours for adult family and caregivers of children 18m - 5. Ohio Approved credit available. *Take-home materials required.

Experiences engaging multiple senses encourage children to explore their world as well as provide unique language encounters, practice using motor skills, and opportunities to be creative while supporting cognitive growth. Participants will learn how to include sensory activities

in their lessons in ways that are safe for little ones likely to taste their work. Participants will create four “taste-safe” activities to take with them: paint, play dough, sand, and slime.

3 hours for adult family and caregivers of children 3m - 5. Ohio Approved credit available. *Take-home materials required.

Classes for Elementary and Middle School Students

School Aged

Month-to-month Classes

All classes move from a basic introduction to skills in production and comprehension

of ASL to more sophisticated uses of grammar, receptive, and expressive abilities. Material includes the ASL alphabet and numbers, colors, animals, food, and other topics of interest.


New students are welcome to join at the beginning of any month - with or without previous ASL experience. Class meets weekly for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.


Elementary (Ages 5-11) or Middle School (Ages 11-14) opportunities available.

Group Events

An introduction to American Sign Language matching the needs of your group. Perfect for scouts, youth groups, after-school clubs, or just a group of friends. Please contact Steph to enquire about hosting a group event.  Pricing will depend on several factors including location, length of event, and number of participants.

Classes for Teens and Adults


ASL for Teens/Adults

Whether for fun, for the brain boost, or for your homeschool language credit, there's no wrong reason to start signing! This class uses the Signing Naturally curriculum popular in many high school and college classrooms. (*Upon request, a class may be arranged with a workplace topic focus using the ASL at Work curriculum.) Class meets weekly for 30-60 minutes with assigned practice activities to complete between meetings. *Textbook purchase is required (not included in class fees.)

1:1 ASL Tutoring

For students taking ASL classes elsewhere, and in need of specific support in specific areas.  Sessions are scheduled on an
as-needed basis.  Please contact Steph to discuss your specific needs and request a quote.  Pricing is based on location and duration of each session.

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