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Signing Smart Mini-Classes

(Ideal for children 0-5 alongside a parent/caregiver)

The Signing Smart Mini Classes provide a playful environment where parents or caregivers and their children learn ASL signs and research-proven 
Signing Smart strategies while playing and interacting.

Activities include gross motor play, large and small group interactions, singing, singing, and much more! These developmentally-based activities help to foster intimacy and communication between infants/toddlers/preschoolers and their parents by facilitating both linguistic and cognitive development, building conceptual understanding, memory, and vocabulary.


The classes are great for families new to signing with their babies as well as for those who have already started.


Available as a zoo or farm theme, this 2-session class is a perfect way to start signing or keep up with what you've already learned in a way multiple aged siblings can be involved.

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