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Online Classes

Online classes require access to high-speed internet, use of webcam, and may require software download to participate.

*Signing With Miss Steph nor the instructor are responsible for any error or technical malfunctions that may affect any student's ability to access a class.

Infant Classes
Elementary Classs

Elementary ASL
Ideal for students in grades K-5

Mondays, September 12-26 ~ 4:00 - 4:30 PM eastern


This 3-week class will provide an age-appropriate, linguistically sound introduction to American Sign Language for learners in grades K-5.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Middle School

Middle School ASL
Ideal for students in grades 5-8

Tuesdays, September 6 - 27 ~ 3:30 - 4:00 PM eastern


This 4-week class is designed for children in grades 5-8, and uses lessons loosely based on the Inside ASL curriculum. Students with or without prior ASL experience are welcome.

Adult Classes

Tuesdays, September 13 - December 13 ~ 11:00 - 11:30 AM eastern
$15 per week (14 payments)/$65 per month (3 payments)/$180


Learn to “talk with your hands” as a brain boost, for professional use, or to talk with your mouth full!


This group will explore ASL vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, as well as Deaf Culture, and more using the Signing Naturally curriculum. 

Choose the the weekly or monthly payment option to make you first payment when you register and receive invoices at your chosen increments.

Teen/Adult ASL Level 1A
(no prior experience necessary)

Tuesdays, September 6 - December 13 ~ 8:00 - 2:30 PM eastern


Students will continue their study of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture through conversations,
activities, exploring Deaf works, and more!


Students should be comfortable using their growing knowledge of American Sign Language
to communicate with others.

Conversational ASL for Teens/Adults

1:1, small 1:2-4, and large (1:5+) tutoring is available by appointment.

Please contact Steph for pricing and availability.

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