Online Classes

Online classes require access to high-speed internet, use of webcam, and may require software download to participate.

*Signing With Miss Steph nor the instructor are responsible for any error or technical malfunctions that may affect any student's ability to access a class.

Signing Smart Beginner Play Class

ideal for infants and toddlers 0-2 with a parent/caregiver

Tuesdays, June 23 - July 28 ~ 10:30 - 11:00 AM

$90 ($78 for returning families)

Signing With Miss Steph's fun-filled, interactive play classes are coming into YOUR HOME THIS SUMMER!
You will learn: which signs to use, how to use them, and how to recognize what your baby is signing back!

We use exclusively ASL signs (American Sign Language).   

Don’t just sign with your baby, COMMUNICATE!!!


Signing Smart Workshop for Long-Term Learning 

(ideal for parents/caregivers of talking toddlers and preschoolers)

Saturday, June 27 ~ 9:00 AM - Noon

 (includes a copy of Signing Smart with Babies and Toddlers: A Parent's Strategy and Activity Guide by Michelle Anthony MA, PhD and Reyna Lindert PhD, handouts, and shipping.  

Are you ready to support your talking toddler or preschooler in better understanding the world around him or her while also encouraging spoken language use self-regulation?  Signing Smart is for you! 

This 3-hour workshop is not about learning lots of new ASL vocabulary (though you will definitely learn some), or "getting" our kiddos to use signs. The bigger focus is on using the signs that we know
(however many that is) in ways that will create a deeper bond with our child(ren) while supporting their spoken language development, cognitive development, and conceptual understanding - skills that are far more powerful than the signs themselves!

Whether you never signed with your baby, signed and stopped once spoken language took over, or still sign, this workshop will teach you new ways to interact with your child to strengthen your bond while support language, cognitive, and conceptual development.

Signing Smart "at the Zoo"

Request your preferred dates/times

We can't visit the zoo in person right now, but we can still talk about all the animals we might see there!

This 2-part class provides a playful environment where parents or caregivers and their children learn ASL signs and research-proven Signing Smart strategies while playing and interacting. It's the perfect opportunity to start signing or keep up with what you've learned in a way multiple aged siblings can enjoy!

Activities include gross and fine motor play suggestions, singing, singing, and much more!
These developmentally-based activities help to foster intimacy and communication between  infants/toddlers/preschoolers and their parents by facilitating both linguistic and cognitive development, building conceptual understanding, memory, and vocabulary.


The classes are great for families new to signing as well as those who have started and are looking for support and connection with other signing families.  

Ideal for children ages 0-5 with a parent/caregiver


Weekly, class/tutoring for those interested in learning ASL as a foreign language. The class will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM EST. Each class will last 30-45 minutes. A minimum number of students must be registered for class to be held. $42.50, or register for individual topics at $10 each.

Weekly topics:

June 23: Letters, cardinal numbers 1-15, and colors
June 30: Clothing and appearance - an introduction
July 7: Symmetrical shapes and placing an object inside, above or below a shape

July 14: Classroom items and actions
July 21: Telling about yourself and your language background

 *Purchase of Signing Naturally Student Workbook Levels 1-6 is recommended but not required.

Also Available: schedule 1:1 tutoring and group tutoring by appointment. 
These will be 30 minute sessions at a discounted rate of $15 for 1:1 tutoring
and $10 per person for group tutoring.

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